It’s great to meet you!

My name is Bridget and I am a writer, an artist, a leader, a lover of books, and an avid hobby collector.

I’ve been writing online for over eight years now—and in journals, school notebooks, book margins, since I knew how to arrange letters into words. My love of story-telling, perfectly edited sentences, and the sharing of ideas has driven me to take on a wide variety of projects: I’ve been a screenwriter, a regular contributor to various blogs, a poet, a reporter, a novelist and an editor.

Most recently, I worked as an advisor/recruiter/event planner for college students looking to launch, run, and market independent publications. This experience helped me hone my writing and editing knowledge to the best, most immediately helpful, and applicable advice. It also taught me the ins and outs of WordPress website design and the fundamentals of Adobe InDesign.

Now, I’m looking for the next step in my career! I have a great deal of specialized knowledge in small publications (think newspapers, magazines, etc.), event planning, and WordPress website design and functions. I would love to pair this knowledge with my determined, eager-to-learn attitude, my warm, empathetic listening skills, and my knack for encouraging, problem-solving leadership. I’m looking for roles in marketing, consulting, and sales in particular, but I’m open to exploring any opportunity that might be a good fit for my skills and experience!

I am also available for contract work. Need a fast, simple, but elegant website that seamlessly turns casual browsers into new customers? Want to start advertising on social media, but have nowhere to start? Drowning in copywriting and editing projects, but ChatGPT isn’t picking up the slack? Trying to move forward in your career, but your writing skills are holding you back?

I have a solution for you! Click the ‘Contact’ button below and let’s chat! All initial consultations are totally free and if I can’t help you, I’ll recommend someone who can.

Intrigued, but not convinced? Check out my portfolio page and be sure to take a look at my resume to find all the dates and deets.