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Hi, I’m Bridget.

I’m a writer, editor, and design expert who wants to help you make your ideas shine. Interested? Click the link below to get in touch, or keep scrolling to learn more about how I can help your company excel.

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Copy Writing, Editing, and Proofreading

You don’t have time to write an email campaign yourself, so you have ChatGPT do it. But your customers are smart: they know a generic marketing ploy when they see one. There’s no point saving time if your emails never get opened.

With my professional copywriting and editing services, you can save time and turn readers into loyal customers. It’s a win-win!

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Coaching Skills that Forge Strong Bonds with Clients

There are two kinds of customers: those who need your product and purchase it out of desperation, and those who love your product and the experience of working with your company. One buys once, the other buys again and again.

What makes the difference? A representative who truly listens to her customer’s needs and tailors her recommendations to those needs. My coaching experience has helped me master these skills, and I apply them to every project I take on. The result? A long list of connections that have remained strong for years. Let’s talk about how I can create such connections for your company!

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Beautiful Graphics and WordPress Design

You’ve got the business, you’ve got the expertise. What you don’t have? The time to build and run a website! But your lack of a website (and someone to run it) is costing you customers.

And, if you have a slow, outdated, or ugly website, you’re still losing customers!

You need beautiful, up-to-date graphics and a website that doesn’t become obsolete as you become busy. Save time, find customers, and give them the expert service you excel in by hiring me to build, audit, or run your WordPress website for you, designed to compliment your brand with stunning, cohesive graphics.

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“Fun, thorough and informative. Bridget is very knowledgeable and very easy to work with.”

– Mindy, coaching client

With 8+ Years of writing and editing experience, I’ve learned the best tips and tricks for making good writing fun, easy, and powerful.

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